Senior Care in Ashland, Virginia

Our residents live a secure yet comfortable lives at Hanover Manor and Alpha House, our senior care facilities in Ashland, Virginia.

Compassionate Care

Feeling comfortable is key. You want intimacy, friendliness, and a general air of happiness. It must be clean, well-appointed, and well-run by people who are not only qualified to do their jobs, but enjoy them and relish the relationships that a small community offers. Read more
Assisted Living | Ashland, VA | Alpha House, Hanover Manor
Skilled Nursing Care | Ashland, VA | Alpha House, Hanover Manor

Small Community Life

No one else can match our small community feel where the staff cares deeply about our residents. Through our personalized services, we offer tender, loving care to all our residents, all at competitive prices. Our staff enjoys the companionship of other nice people as they help you with personal care and enhance your daily life.

Visitors Are Welcome

Please take the time to come visit us. You and ... Read more
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